Insomnia and massage therapy?

Hi all,
Can massage therapy helps to treat insomnia in anyways? I’m suffering from insomnia problem for a long time and tried several treatments for it. I tried treatments like aromatherapy and even took sleeping pills to get rid of the problem. I got side effects from the sleeping pills and it made things worse. I am not able to sleep properly and this is affecting my whole day activities. I’m feeling tired all the time. I want to get rid of this problem ASAP. One of my friends told me that getting massage therapy with the help of an expert will help us to get better sleep. Will it effective in the case of insomnia? Should I try it? Is there any criteria or age limitation for getting such treatment? Share your thoughts.

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I utilize massage therapy for a couple of health issues, and I can tell you it helps me sleep. Although my primary problem getting sleep is pain. I also take Trazadone to help me stay asleep. It works much better than sleeping pills.
Have you tried melatonin? The sublingual (under the tongue) type works better than the pill, much better absorption.
A word about massage. Find a good therapist, someone you are comfortable with. Talk to the MT, if it’s too much pressure tell her. If you let it go on when you are uncomfortable it can be painful afterward, and defeat the purpose. If, for whatever reason, you don’t ‘mesh’ with the therapist, find another. Sometimes it can take a few. I have been with my MT for about 9 years now. Some times we chat, sometimes we don’t, depending on my needs.
By the way, I’m 52 and don’t plan on quitting MT anytime soon, if ever!
You won’t know if it helps until you try it.


There are an increasing number of studies that are in agreement that yes, massage therapy can be helpful for people with insomnia. I would highly recommend it. Pennywheels gives some great info re: finding an MT and giving feedback during your session. As someone who has been on both sides of the massage, feedback is really important. Be sure you let your MT know why you are there as some types of massage are more geared towards relaxation than others. One other thing I would add: make sure that your massage therapist is licensed.

In addition to massage, I would encourage you to maintain a holistic approach to your fight against insomnia. There is no one miracle thing that works for everybody; massage is fantastic but don’t forget to try adding a little bit of exercise (even a bit of walking works). Meditation can also be supportive. Reduce your screen time before bed - the checklist in the sleep concierge portion of the SleepHealth app is helpful. Best of luck!

Here are a couple of links that might be helpful when thinking about massage and insomnia:

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Personally for me a massage therapy helped a lot. I really suffered. Plus there used to be a lot of stress and nerves in my life.
So my friends advised me try a Tantra massage therapy. Just for fun. That was something totally new for me and it helped not only with insomnia, but also with a whole life style. For instance, I got known that the way we breath is totally WRONG Shallow breathing which we breath is a natural response to stress. So the tension can keep our bodies in a chronic state of emergency. Feelings of tiredness, anxiety and insomnia become habitual because of that.
After tantra massage I left the studio with a new energy and a new inner strength that I had not felt for quite some time. Worth it.

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Very helpful information! Thank you for sharing!

Insomnia not only tires the body, but also tires the mind and leaves your mental state ragged for the next day. Acupressure massage therapy is effective in treating Insomnia with great ease. My cousin has tried this therapy and really worked for her.
You have to find a good therapist. If you have insomnia then timely treatment is necessary as it can result in severe conditions like anxiety, depression, mental health problems in alter stages.