In home sleep tests for teens

Hi, I have a 15 year old daughter who naps frequently during the day. Her shrink thinks maybe she is suffering from sleep apnea and recommended an at home sleep study. Can anyone recommend a decent one that is not overly expensive?

Hi @mamaecon - I suggest contacting your insurance provider to see if they require you to call a certain company so you are certain to have coverage for the home sleep study. Then you will have all the contact information. Should you not have health insurance, a great way to shop around for a home sleep study provider is put your zip code into Google and also 'home sleep studies." This should yield those close to that zip code.

Good Luck!!!


Hi there! I’m so glad to hear her doctor is reaching out to other professionals, that’s a good sign she’s getting great care. :slight_smile:

Have you taken her to her primary care physician or pediatrician? They might be able to get that set up by way of referral from the psychiatrist, which could keep expenses in network, etc. You will need a referral, typically.

Good luck and keep us posted!

Visited the pediatrician who was so accommodating - she sent orders to a sleep clinic for children so my daughter will end up doing an overnite, and insurance will pay something. I’m afraid to think what the real bill will be, but hey, it’s her health. In the long run, the overnight sleep study will be more accurate and worth the time (and the money).


Great news, @mamaecon ! The end goal of good sleep for her lifetime - Priceless!! :slight_smile:

Keep us posted, and when is her appointment for the sleep study?

Glad to hear you’re making progress… as for cost, the test is worth it because the real expense of untreated sleep disorders like OSA is going to be far more spendy. You’re definitely doing the right thing! Good luck!