I thought I searched AirRes Community? Is this it?

Well again. I Googled AirRes Community and the link referred me here. I didn’t know what to choose so I chose Veterans, because I am a Vietnam ERA veteran. My post is more about technical glitch. I’ve been watching my daily progressions, or regression, each day for several weeks no problem. Today, even to this our 5pm EDT there is no data available and what’s that all about? Thanks if you have any light on this. USN Great Lakes, Norfolk, Newport RI 66-1970 (this is about online viewing of your stats)

Hi Jack - Actually, this IS a Resmed Community, but this is the link I think you want for technical support (bottom of the page):

Good luck getting it straight. I’ve only been on CPAP for 4 nights and already I am addicted to the MyAir site. Take care!

When I pasted the link it changed to the main page… So search under “patients and families” and then “support”. That should get you where you need to go. Best luck!