I need advice for my son

My son has severe sleep apnea. It breaks my heart to hear him struggling to breath as he sleeps. I hear his distress and it kills me. He recently got a Pre-approval for gastric bypass and he worked so hard on getting all test and exams done. When 1 week before surgery his insurance called him and stated the Pre-approval was an Error they do not cover this surgery even though his doctor confirmed his severe sleep apnea. I cannot have my son suffer anymore. Seeing him fall asleep during the day as we talk and hearing his struggles at night are killing me. Any advice will be appreciated

A few questions:

1-What type of tests has he had?

2-How did the Doctor confirm severe sleep apnea? And if he has had a sleep study, why isn’t he on treatment?

3-Also, if gastric bypass is out of the question for now, how about some type of diet?

Whether or not he has surgery or loses weight, he may still have sleep apnea. He should definately seek treatment with either CPAP, an oral appliance, or other treatment.

Many insurance companies deny treatment the first time the request is submitted. Have your son try again. Get his doctors involved. If he has medicare, they definately will cover it. It just may take a little more work on his part.Good luck