I have a sore throat can it be from my CPAP Machine?

i have had a sore throat for the past 5 days. is my CPAP machine to blame for it

hmmm, that’s a tough one. How long have you been on CPAP. Could be a simple cold or dry air. Do you use a humidifier?

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Allergies or the common cold tend to cause a sore throat, and the continuous air blowing may have a tendency to accentuate the feeling. Usually, a dry, sore throat, if no allergies or cold exist, is a symptom that you need to increase the humidity in your CPAP system.
Another potential cause cold be medications, especially if you take any for allergies or diuretics.

Does the sore throat go away within a few hours? If yes, there could be some residual snoring during the night. Try sleeping on your sides for one night or two and see if goes away, if still persistent you may need to return to your sleep medicine specialist for a follow up appointment. Of course, if the humidity has been already proven efficacious. Make sure to always and only use distilled water (never bottled and/or tap water) when performing any type of sinus rinse to avoid any infection caused by bacteria in the water. Hope this helps.