I dont have health insurance but im 100% positive i have sleep apnea

my bestfriend has it and i know i have it as well . would it be bad if i just bought a auto cpap machine? i mean whats the worst that could happen? i dont really have any other options and im sick of waking up in the middle of the night trying to breath…

It would be best to have a diagnostic study done to confirm you have it. They do have home sleep studies out that would be a less expensive option. They would confirm that you have OSA. An Auto titrating machine may help but without know the severity of your obstructions it would be in your best interest to have a study done. You need someone to be able to monitor what pressures work best to get your airway open. Your doctor would be able to get the test lined out for you as well as help to get a viable prescription that would be most beneficial to you. I wouldn’t recommend flying blind.

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@brandyvergara I agree - there are numerous companies that offer sleep studies in the home. The data collected there is necessary for the high and low number settings on the auto CPAP machine to be safely set just for your personal needs.

First of all no one will sell you a CPAP machine without a prescription. I learned how to self adjust mine and did so. When my doctor heard she went nuts. You can do yourself a lot of harm and in fact if you set it too high you can set off a different form of apnea. Finally if your setting is too low it is ineffective. CPAPs have computer chips in them that your doctor will read and it will tell you if your therapy is set at the right level. Going it on your own is not an option you should consider even if you can get your hands on a CPAP

You have to know what to set the pressure on the c-pap machine. Without a sleep test, you would be having to change the pressure until you feel, and wake up rested,(Asleep test would let you know the settings, and whether you may need a bipap, or c-pap.)