Hypersomnia plus sleep apnea

I was hit with the double whammy when I went for my sleep study in June 2013. My doctor came back and found out I was hypersomia and sleep apnea. I’ve been on my cpap every night since day one and am getting much better. Cpap does work it’s nothing to mess around with.

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Hey Atomic77!

I’m a Registered Sleep Technologist, and it’s always good to hear success stories!

Just out of curiosity, what’s your current pressure, and what type of mask do you use?


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Thank you for your letter.

I wish I could sing of victory. I have been trying to adapt to my CPAP for the past month.

The problem is that when I use it, even with a chin strap, the air comes in through the back of my mouth and expells itself through the teeth in front. I don’t know how to stop this from happening.

Any advice will come with great gratitude.

I take it you’re using a nasal mask.

Is it difficult to breathe out? Are you usng cflex?
Are you using humidity?
What’s your leak at?

You might need a full face mask.


Thank you for your letter. I am using a nasal mask. I have tried the kind
that covers the nose completely. And tonight I am trying the kind that is
for the nostrils. Neither are difficult to breathe out. I am not using a
chin strap. What is a cflex? Yes, I am using humidity at its fullest, as
well as heat. I hesitate to use a full face mask for two reasons: first,
because that would not prevent me from exhaling air from the back of my
mouth; secondly, because they say it leaves marks on your face, like a
panda bear.

I have been at this for a month. If the first hour or two of battling
leaves me still with a dry throat, I stop the unit, and go to sleep without
the CPAP applied to my nose, because I need to get some sleep, even though
I have a severe degree of sleep apnea.

Cflex is a comfort setting. But if it’s easy to breathe out, it’s already either been set for you, or you don’t need it.
A full face mask would actually allow you to breathe through your mouth, thus eliminating your issue.

Also, a full face mask, like any mask, should fit comfortably on your face; and if it fits you right, any red marks shouldn’t last any longer than any marks your nasal mask would leave.


Thanks a lot for your reply. I will definitely look into the full face
mask option. If I have further problems I’ll contact you again.

You’re welcome!! Let me know how it works for you.

Just thought of this, but there’s a new full face mask available called the Amara View. Check it out

My current pressure setting is 10cmh20 and I haven’t used the humidifier yet. I use a resmed mirage fx nasal mask. It just covers the nose.

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Has anyone tried the DreamWear Nasal? It rests under the nose and not over or on it, decreasing pressure on the nose. Just wondered if anyone here has used one?

I’ve used it on a few patients in my sleep lab, and haven’t had any complaints. However, these people only had the mask on for a few hours one night, so not a real good gauge of it.
It does seem like a good mask, as long as it fits right.

Nice to hear your success story. Thank you for sharing.

In another reply I mentioned I had tried the large size full-face mask and then later on the medium size. Both of them produced whistling sounds out the side of my cheeks, releasing lots of air and keeping me awake.

I’m tempted to go back to the kind that fits on the nostrils…

Thanks for sharing your story!
This is a serious issue. For sleep Apnea you one can try CPAP treatment but having both the conditions together can make situation worse.