How to dispose of tubing which is not biodegradable

We are committed recyclers and it seems that all the parts (except the machine) are not recyclabel and will end up in the landfill. Any suggestions?

Do you have an old PAP device that you are looking to get rid of? Or factory sealed supplies you never used or know someone that does? Your equipment/supply donation is eligible for an in-kind tax letter for your records. You can include the value you place on your machine, plus the cost of shipping on this document for tax purposes. To receive the in-kind tax letter please be sure to include a note in the package with your contact information- this includes your name, address and email address (if available).

With continued support from people like you, the ASAA will be able to continue providing PAP devices and supplies to those in need.

If you are interested in donating to the American Sleep Apnea Association CPAP Assistance Program (CAP) you can ship them to:


524 Craig Ave
Tracy, MN 56175

Please DO NOT SEND equipment/supply donations to our Washington DC location. There are no drop off locations in the DC or any other areas. All shipments must be sent to the Minnesota address above.

Please print and complete this form and include with your equipment donation.

We are currently accepting all device types and all factory sealed supplies.

the supplies I want to re-purpose rather than dumping in the landfill are used. thanks

Clean, gently used machines are accepted. @perlalovejoy

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That is a great idea! I have a machine (Phillips Respironics System One) that was new 4 years ago, they switched me to a different machine recently and I have been wondering what to do with that perfectly good old machine!

I have a couple of the SD cards that collect the data as well. The data hasn’t been erased on them. Should I send them as well, and how can I erase the data first? or does that matter?


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Hi @KimR,

I don’t think it matters, but it’s up to you about the cards.

Thank you for helping those in need!


What about PAP devices that could use to be refurbished? I have a Respironics that I believe cat hair bypassed the filter and got into the impeller. I’m sure it could be fixed on the cheap and I no longer need it.

I have a primary machine, and a backup / travel machine. The Respironics is just surplus…

I asked our community recycling program, and they take the tubing no questions. I believe the tubing it PVC so I don’t see why it isn’t recycleable. And depending on your amount of creativity, you can repurpose used CPAP hoses.

I am a woodworker by hobby, and I use my old CPAP tubes that are still in good shape for certain tools, most notably orbital sanders, to connect to the shop vac via an adapter… They work great…

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Way to repurpose! Great idea!!
Thank you for the tip, @dbhost

I hate seeing perfectly good stuff go to waste where there are problems to be solved…

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I totally agree with that!!

You should consider keeping the SD cards for your future use. Those things sometime fail and the low capacity ones that a perfectly suitable for CPAP devices and getting hard to come by. By all means, do a complete format on the cards (not a quick format) so that all of your data is gone-gone-gone.
As for the machine itself, there is an internal function on the machine menu that will reset it to factory specifications and most importantly, clear out all of your data before you send it off anywhere. If you don’t know how to do that, reply with your exact model number, I’ll look up the directions and post them. Different Respironics models and different menu structures.

Thank you for your generous thought.