How much mask leakage is ok?

I have been going through a lot of this. I’ve been on CPAP since May 2019. At first I had a few rough nights getting used to the CPAP and air leaks but then all was well and I was sleeping through the night and felt great.

Over the last two months or so I’ve been seeing more air leaks and I have to make the mask so tight that it hurts and then I walk around with the red mask lines all over my face all day - to the point people have asked if I’m okay. I’m also waking up with extreme dry mouth that some days my teeth hurt - I’m a horrible mouth breather! I use the full face mask.

I’ve tried to work with my doctors office and the company providing my equipment to no avail - I can’t afford to keep taking time off work to go back to “trying something else.” And of course when I’m in the office everything is completely fine.

I’ve replaced my mask with several different options and sizes to no avail - including different head straps.

I’ve tried 3 different chin straps and none hold my mouth closed - I guess I have a strong jaw. I’ve seen the mouth tape but because sometimes I can’t breathe through my nose the thought of those freak me out. Plus the straps all seemed to interfere with my mask.

I’ve looked into mask pads but from what I’m reading they seem to just quiet the air leak noise, not actually stopping the air leaks.

I am completely at my wits end!

If anyone has suggestions for things that worked for air leaks and for morning dry mouth I’m all ears!!

Thanks in advance :frowning:

Is there guidance on what % leak would affect the AHI accuracy?

Welcome to the forum @AuntThoo Resmed airfit is a good one.