How much mask leakage is ok?

I’ve finally landed on a “comfortable” mask but still experience some leaking. I’m on the low end of moderate sleep apnea, Not sure when leakage becomes a problem…any thoughts?

I think if your ahi number remains low then the leak is acceptable. If not then contact your Dr.

Everyone is a little different. If you want a definitive answer ask your sleep specialist.

AuntThoo, I’m 10 months down the road with my bipap machine. I’ve had 4 masks, three unique, and one in two sizes, and I’ve yet to find a mask that doesn’t leak, but some are better than others. It helps to pull them tight to the face, but while effective, this is not that comfortable. As for leakage, I’m sure it has some relationship to AHI, but I can still see my AHI spike at times even when my mask fit is 100%. I also see AHIs of 1 to 3 when my mask fit is low, like 38%. Guess what i’m trying to say is I can’t see a discernable pattern between leakage and AHI but there must be a correlation.

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@shuggeman - what are your pressure settings?

I’m on a bipap, machine, so it blows at a 12 for inhale, and an 8 for exhale.

@shuggeman - What types of masks have you used? Not brands, but types. (Nasal (nasal only); Nasal Pillows (nasal only); or Full Face (oro/nasal).

Nasal pillow (for a short time), and full face.

Welcome to the forum Aunt Thoo. As the others have said, everyone is different. I can be excellent on leakage and out of the park on events, then turn around and they will flip. If you are concerned I would recommend that you talk to your sleep folks. I was concerned about my events and my doc told me not to be, even though I seem to average in the 13 range or so. Here’s hoping you get the sleep you need!

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Look into getting a chin strap. After being all over the lot with many kinds of masks, etc. finally had a tech suggest using a chin strap. 9 out of 10 days my leaks are now ZERO! AHI is much, much better - used to be between 15 and 35 or 40. Now almost always under 5 or 6. Sometimes even 1 or 2. Can’t believe that I went for over a year and a half before this was suggested. PS I use max pressure - 20. Good luck!

Welcome to our community @dtmaguire ! And thanks for sharing!!


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