How do i know the good time to go to sleep

i’m 69 years old they say i need 8 hours of sleep a night, when is the best time to fall asleep? is there a way to make yourself sleep the whole night? i use a bipap machine and a full mask because i;m a mouth breather, but i am learning to breath thru my nose, i still wake up during the night but this is my 1st week,is it hard to go back to sleep once you wake up? thanks

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I nearly 60 and I use a CPAP and I am mouth breather… once I wake, I cannot go bad to sleep even if I wake at 2 or 3AM. I am struggling to get more than 4 hours per night. My issue is more about insomnia than the machine. I agree that 7 to 8 hours is optimal but a bare minimum of 6 hours is needed.

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Actually 7 is the minimum recommended. There is not specific time when someone should fall asleep or wake up. We all have different body rhythms, sleep needs, and sleep patterns. Most people need 7-8 hours. As we age, we tend to want to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier with a need for a nap in the mid-afternoon. If you are having trouble sleeping throughout the night, you should discuss with your doctor or sleep specialist. It could be unrelated to the sleep apnea. Check the amount of caffeine or alcohol you drink on a daily basis. Do you keep your room dark and cool? That can also affect sleep

Paul, I saw a presentation on a “sleep hat” that was developed for a narcoleptic to help quiet the mind and get the brain to be in a deep sleep frequency. Sleep Shepherd. The claim is it also helps with insomnia.

Will, Thank you for passing on this information. I am doing some research on it and I have an appt for biofeedback that sounds like the same principle that the Sleep Shepherd is based on. I will let you know what I learn…