How can I tell the story of my sleep apnea journey?


You’ve been hearing about the AWAKE Sleep Apnea initiative on June 8 in the Washington DC area- but what exactly is this event and why should I participate or complete the survey?

Join our webinar on May 8th to learn more about AWAKE Sleep Apnea and hear about this education and empowerment initiative that includes several opportunities for sleep apnea patients, family members, and caregivers to help inform researchers, regulators, and life science companies about what it’s like to live with sleep apnea.

Join the webinar (video & audio):

Can’t make it on May 8? All of our webinars are recorded for you to view anytime
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Chris was diagnosed with sleep apnoea in 2011 and then really struggled to find help getting used to having sleep apnoea, he wanted to promote this life threatening illness so in October had Apnoea published, it a story of a young man called Max, who has his breath taken away in love and in loss and medically, it’s a light hearted novel with a very serious side to getting people more aware of Apnoea, the process from symptoms to diagnose to be I it can change your life.


I will check it out!