Hi everyone!

I’m Harley from South Carolina and I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I think I may have sleep apnea based on what I’ve been experiencing since last year. I now snore too loud that I wake myself up. It might be from stress but I’m not sure. I can’t even sleep over with friends now because I’m a bit insecure about it. Joined the community to learn more about it.

I hope all of you are doing well.

Hey Harley. How are you? Go to your doctor as soon as possible to rule out whatever and for you to get the treatment that you need. Welcome to the community.

Hi. Haven’t been here in a while. Welcome and I hope you’re doing well.

I’m planning to go this coming weekend. I’d probably call and get a schedule with a doctor for Saturday tomorrow morning. Wish me luck!

Thank you. vicefrayed.

My pleasure. How’s it going? We’re you able to read through the threads here?

Hi there. So, how did it go?