Help with Resmed Nasal Pillow--it's started falling off

Hi There,

I have an approximately 12 month old Resmed Nasal Pillow mask. This one:

It worked great. In the last couple weeks, it won’t stay on all night, like the elastic is sprung or something. It used to work very well, now I’m adjusting it many times over the course of the night and it’s disturbing my sleep. It always used to shrink back down on washing, but now whatever’s happening, it’s not working.

I’d just go buy a new one except I’m in Europe for 4 weeks (Berlin currently) and can’t find any local dealers.

Has anyone had this problem? Did you manage to fix it somehow? I’m thinking of using safety pins to shorten the straps but would love to know if others have found a solution.


Bummer -
I think your idea of safety pins is probably going to work in the short term if its a stretchy problem. If its a velcro problem, try using a comb on the velcro part to remove any fuzzies, it might adhere better.

Some tips for the future…
Whenever I travel, I always take a 2nd mask in the event one breaks or something happens like you are experiencing!
Masks are meant to be replaced every 3-6 months. Even if my nasal pillows are working ok, I buy a replacement set when my insurance allows in order to have spares.
I usually get one- two years out of my headgear. I’ve found that headgear will last longer if its not washed too often. While I do rinse my nasal pillow inserts daily, and wash them weekly, I only wash the headgear every other month or so. I don’t find it necessary to clean it more often and I think this is why mine rarely stretch out.

Good luck to you!

You’re definitely due for a replacement. Reach me when you get back. I can hook you up with a sample or a replacement. Be safe. :wink: