Help us and the Unviversity with a very brief survey

We are working with the University of Arizona to improve how sleep disorders are diagnosed and treated with this very short survey.

The overall purpose of this survey is to learn about patient, provider, and other stakeholder priorities with regards to patient-centered outcomes in sleep disorders. Please help us to rank 10 things that are important to YOU in terms of managing SLEEP conditions. Answers are anonymous.

Sleep Disorder Survey

I continue to work in the sleep field, mainly with the senior
community (current research base: 340,000 files), being a senior
myself. Materials provided are heavily graphic, using the latest versions of
Corel Draw, e. g., a diagnostic bookmark encompassing the Malampati
Index reduced to a bookmark. Many drawings are dynamic, in full color
showing for example the underlying biology and physiology of airway
obstruction, effects of sleep angle on obstruction, etc. Backgrounds in
the science of speech and linguistics are used to enable snorers to
position airway muscles to attain a specific effect on a segment of
the airway.Currently looking at how I might enhance slow wave sleep,
using magnetism, temperature; in other words, methods for enhancing
sleep without pills. In a later project, I’ll be adapting my work for use
by parents and school children.
Robert P. O’Reilly Ph. D

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