Help.... Ordered masks from them and no confirmation email and their posted phone number isn't working

this is the first time I’m using the sleep apnea association to try to get help with some masks and while telling me that my payment wasn’t working I checked my bank account and it had taken the hundred dollars and I have yet to receive any email confirmation and the posted phone number on the website says it’s not in working order. Can anyone tell me what’s going on??

Who did you order the masks from?

There must’ve been a site glitch. I will bring this to the attention of someone immediately.

I’m sorry you had trouble. You must have dialed the wrong number, because the number works.
There is no email confirmation in the procedure to be part of the program. Once your prescription is received, the machines are mailed out.
If I knew your name I could check your status for you to see if your prescription from the doctor was received.
Next time, please email the program at