Heart Disease and CPAP

My husband passed away in 2002 as a result of heart disease at age 50. He died of congestive heart failure. While he did not have sleep apnea, his wise Cardiologist put him on CPAP to help keep his oxygen levels in normal range during sleep. i believe it prolonged his life.
I am curious to know if this is now a common practice, the use of CPAP in heart patients who do not have diagnosed sleep apnea.
Thanks so much, in advance, for your comments

My dad had quadruple bypass in 1975 at 38 years old. 20 years later before his alzheirmers diagnosis he had about 20 vascular stents. The doctors called that routine plumbing at the time. In hindsight we now know he also had a long undiagnosed REM behavior disorder since he was a child. hmmm makes you wonder if he would have gotten a chance to use CPAP. Would he still be here to enjoy his grandchildren?..