Have you ever used a portable, compact, travel-sized CPAP unit?

The very small travel CPAPs hit the industry a few years back. Have you used one?

Thanks for asking this! I’m thinking of getting one of the smaller units for travel and look forward to seeing any responses to this.

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Thanks for the reply, RobinSez! I too am curious to hear if people are enjoying them. I was assigned an article regarding portable CPAP units, so have learned a lot from doing my research. One of them I looked at even uses solar power!! For campers and frequent travelers, I would think they are really enjoying their freedom! We’ve come a long way, Baby :blush:

I am interested in hearing from patients who have used the small travel units who require humidification and high pressures. Do they really work well for this patient population?
I use bilevel at 20-11 and REQUIRE heated humidification.

My oxygen concentrator is set at 15, and I use a bi-pap so NO SMALL SIZE ANYTHING FOR ME.

New technology is so good, heck, my bilevel is small enough to fit in my briefcase when I travel, so I will just think of it as a travel size machine. No complaints here!

I’ve never tried one but it certainly would be a lot easier than packing the one I have when I travel. Any recommendations on the best one to buy?