Has anyone heard of or used Airlift Sleep?

Hello All! I am new to this forum, and I have a question about this new procedure I read about. Has anyone here tried this yet? Airlift Sleep…here is a link for more info.

If any medical people here could give me an opinion, that would be great.
I have been on a Bi-Pap, set with a forceful amount of air, for about 5 years. (Just after having a mild stroke) It works well in the aspect of helping me sleep, but I have had increasing difficulties breathing since I started using it. When I first get up and then throughout the day if I exert myself in the least. Yes, I am overweight. Dieting and trying to lose weight, but have been stuck on a plateau for almost a year. Really frustrating. Any advice/help would be greatly appriciated.
Tucson, AZ USA

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I haven’t heard of it, but I’d be careful about using a surgical procedure. Talk to whatever Dr is treating your apnea, and I’d talk to your dentist too.
I would want to know possible complications, that’s a tricky area. I’d also want to know who does the procedure, how many he has done and what complications he has seen.
I’m not a medical professional, although I worked in medicine my whole career. I also have had more than my fair share of surgeries and procedures. (multiple autoimmune conditions/diseases)
Do your homework!