Happy Accidental Discovery

I try to do as much “natural” medicine as I can, but with around 8 autoimmune diseases at one time, it is difficult to stay with that. I have tried multiple diets and excluding this, that and numerous other things. Again all to no avail most of the time. I’ve tried working out more, even when it makes me flare the next day or two. I’ve tried gentle stretching, and that seems to work the best. But sometimes things come to me via my wonderful husband, and quite by accident.

Case in point: I had a sleep study that indicated that in each hour of sleep, I am awakened 92 times, 56 of them respiratory related, while dropping down to 84 or so in oxygen saturation. I had also quit dreaming, never reaching a stage beyond stage two.

Enter my husband, with the Bromelain…

Years ago, we accidentally found this OTC (over the counter) “medication” for sleep. It was advertised to help you get to sleep at the beginning of the night, or back to sleep without hangover, if taken in the middle of the night… We took it for a while, but it was expensive (still is - runs about $9 USD for 30 capsules), and I finally looked at the ingredients and found out it was pure Bromelain - a substance derived from pineapples and papaya. I started making my own capsules which are just plain cheap… We used it for a while, then forgot about it.

In the intervening years, I developed OA, RA, Sjogren’s Syndrome, high blood pressure, RLS, Severe Sleep Apnea / Hypopnea, and severe craniofacial hyperhidrosis. I already had Allergies, Asthma, Left bundle Branch Block, Hypothyroidism, and on and on.

About a month ago, my DH (dear hubby) found the Bromelain and decided to try it again as we were having a terrible time sleeping (he has severe apnea, but has not gotten to his sleep study yet). He slept so well, that I decided to try it. I slept better than I have been for a long time. I still have the hypopnea, but at least now I can get to dreams again.

Bromelain has few known side effects (too much can cause diarrhea and intestinal discomfort - I’ve never had problems with it myself…), and until I can get my CPAP titration on 09/22, it is wonderful to me… Here’s wishing you wonderful sleep!