Great presentations and sleep and obesity

What are people’s thoughts on the connection between sleep loss and obesity?

Error 404. Too bad. However, here is my take on it.

My weight gain has been extensively since the onset of OSA, and in all honesty, a wife that does not have any understanding or sympathy for the need for sleep. She could keep going all night long, every night, for weeks on end.

Sleep helps regulate a majority of the bodys functions, including metabolism, appetite, and energy to get up and excersize, so it may seem counterintuitive to allow people to sleep instead of work out, we should encourage people to sleep so that they CAN work out.

Allow me to broaden the scope just a bit. I had an AHI of 74 during a sleep study done in 2015 for CPAP. I failed compliance because my CPAP was set to 18, I couldn’t breathe out against the CPAP with no exhale relief, and there was zero help from the pulmonary doc. He’d rather blame me for failing instead of getting off his butt and investigate and listen to my complaints. I was also 300 lbs. and was diagnosed with COPD (GOLD level 1).

All of 2016, no xPAP and active pursuit of a bariatric sleeve surgery, that was done in September '16. Successful loss of 100 lbs. A new sleep study for BPAP at 200 lb, AHI of 37.

To shorten my story a bit, I needed an ASV for heavy Central Apnea even at 200 lb. Weight does factor in, but being thinner will not eliminate apnea.



Just an anecdotal story here. Long before I ever heard about about sleep apnea, decades ago, I remember my Mom would freak out when she’d come in to wake me up for school as I would stop breathing, and gasp, then restart breathing again. I was underweight then.

I think that weight and apnea have a corrolation. Before I was diagnosed with OSA, I weighed in just over 400lbs. I am now down over 50lbs, and while I know I have a long way to go, I don’t expect to ever be free from my apnea, even if I went with a gastric bypass which is something I can’t get my wife to agree to let me do, and honestly, without her support, I don’t want to do it. There is so much healing time to worry about that I need the support both physcially and morally…

really hoping you’re doing better now… i perfectly understand when you’re saying that you need support both physically and morally and i will pray for you to get them. try changing your diet with healthy recipes and maybe even exercise if you’re able. this should do a bit of change.