Great at sleep lab, horrible at home!

 Help me please!  I've been using my CPAP for 6 months.  After an accidental diagnosis and a miraculous 7 full of hours sleep at the sleep lab the night of my study to set my pressure (the first full night of sleep in 3 years) I have had horrible sleep and haven't felt rested since.  I left the lab so hopeful and feeling better than I had in years!  Alas it wasn't to be.
 I am still excessively tired during the day.  I have tried multiple masks and found one I like.  I wear it for between 5 and 7 hours a night.  I am currently back to waking between 2-3am and being up for 1-2 hours.

At my appt 3 months in my pulmonologist said it would take some time to repay my sleep debt but I am feeling worse. My next appt is in 2 weeks and it’s been so bad neurologist added Armodafanil for daytime sleepiness.
Does anyone have any suggestions? Am I missing something?


Does your CPAP machine interface with something like the ResMed MyAir App? That way you can see if your problem is related to number of hours of sleep, mask seal, events per hour, or the number of times you take your mask off. I’m thinking that your problem is more related to mask seal, which is measured as Leaks (L/min). Your sleep doctor can also help you.


Great suggestion. Good luck with this and let us know how it worked out if you don’t mind.


Sorry, it didn’t post everything. I have tried several masks, and I’m finding I have a reaction to either the mask or headgear. I have severe scalp irritation and hair loss, enough to warrant a dermatologist visit. My app shows all my numbers are good. I have my 6 month follow up the first week of April so hoping the pulmonologist will have answers.


Ask your Dr. if you could try the nose buds instead of the mask. Maybe that would work better for you.