Full mask and dribbling

Morning, i’m new to this whole CPAP thing, I long suspected I had apnea and well finally its been diagnosed and I got my whole set up about 28 days ago…so my issue is the folllowing. At night I end up with my mouth open…when I relax I dribble…

Now I have been given a full face mask due to the fact I have the open mouth (im already onfull face mask number 2) …I hate it as when I dribble (if I move to my side, which is most comfortable for me) the mask gets wet inside and wakes me…sorry it sounds so grose, but its a real issue!!

I am worried the nurse who is incharge of all of this stuff may think I am just being silly about it and a difficult patient, as well It is my second mask…I want to try a nasal mask as I feel that with time I will be able to sleep with my mouth closed hence no dribble issue, I start the nights off with it closed, but with years and years of this untreated the open mouth is the result…Am I just being silly or has anyone else suffered from the ‘dribble’ issue?? For me it seems logical a nose mask is a good option…

I am new to this and dont want to anatagonise the nurse just yet and I realise it takes time, I am one of the 100 times a night pee, night sweats, horrendous morning headaches etc etc due to Apnea kinda peeps…so I will keep trying if I have to with the full face mask, but bar placing toilet paper inside the mask I really think I should try the nose mask…Please share your thoughts…

My dream is to go to sleep and wake up the next morning having not woken during the night…I have only ever done this twice in my whole life (possibly bar being a kid under about 8 years old!)…I dream of sleep being a pleasure…not what I have now…hence why I will keep going as I really want to sleep like the dead!!!

Good morning! You said it yourself that you are new to the whole thing and that is exactly what I think is going on. I believe in time, you will be able to sleep and adjust (and not dribble) to this. If this issue is 2 years later I would dig deeper into it. You are on point as to what you’re going through. Consider all the years you’ve been sleeping with nothing like this on your face and now you have to adapt and adjust (including the dribble) your sleeping position and habits. It’s normal what you’re going through at this point. However, I would like to know the following as this may help me understand your situation and further help you more with your other concerns.
What is your pressure?
What is your machine?
Do you have a heated humidifier?
Do you have a heated tubing?
Remember, you’re on the right track, hang in there and continue to use your machine every time you sleep. Have a blessed day!

Thanks so much for responding…I now feel like im not too way off base…just need to exercise the patience…

My pressure (?) is between 4 and 16, I have a resmed airsense 10, humidifier and a heated tube…I live in Finland, so we get it all from the hospital, we are under their care. It is amazing, but one also feels this guilt that this is super expensive equipment and well…I feel a bit lost as I know its a tough ride, but not being able to find a community or people to ask the ‘dribbling’, and will I ever sleep through kind of questions…I dont speak much finnish!!

I have been given a nose mask to try today, so tonight I will give that one a go and for a while, I really think it will be better (I have no idea though!). I think I had such hopes that this would work straight off, I have been a bit dissapointed by the silly things that are tough…pillow situation, dribble and well still some nights waking to wee too many times! I wanted a miracle, reality has been a blow!! BUT im willing to keep going as I already see the results in that I am not tired every day anymore, I have been able to do things that i have not even been able to consider for many years…so yea, I suppose I just needed someone to tell me its going to get there…I just needed patience…

Thanks for that,

It’s not easy! I started with full mask & struggled so much I tried nasal, then nasal with a strap around my head to keep my jaw shut, now back to full mask. Hang in there & once you have success you will feel amazingly different!

Thanks for info. I get that you are on Automatic mode with pressure setting 4-16. Stay on top of it! I hope that you have some sort of follow up with the facility where you got your machine and the doctor. Where they would download your data and hopefully adjust your minimum pressure to what you use the most. That way in can cut down on the machine waiting for you to have an ‘event’ before it changes it’s pressure. Anyways, I’m glad you’re feeling better when you use the machine. Don’t be surprise if the dribble don’t go away, at least you’re putting your heart and yourself to feel better as you use your cpap.
Honestly, there’s a lot of other problems that other people experience (dryness in mouth for one) but we don’t give up, we keep using it, because one way or the other it’ll make a difference how we function when we wake up. The benefits (of cpap use) outweighs the problems. :slight_smile:

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Oh and 1 more thing, nasal masks are fine and dandy, but you have to do your best to keep your mouth closed in order for you to get the therapy correctly. We loose muscle tone as we fall into our deep sleep and combine that with the air pressure blowing in and you may end up opening your mouth. So pay close attention for the next several weeks and see how it goes with your nasal mask use. You will end up opening your mouth time to time, but that doesn’t mean you need to jump to another mask.

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It takes time to get used to everything. Has anybody suggested a chinstrap. With all the different masks and comfort accesorries available you should be able to get that under controll. I would not worry about the nurse. That is thier job to assist you with your treatment. As far as the cost of the equipment consider the cost of all the conditions related to untreated sleep apnea.

I started with the face mask (partial). Now you know why so many users are non-compliant. Who can get used to sleeping with all that gear on. They said I was a mouth breather. I guess I was. However, I tried a few masks and they were all horrible. They gave me a chin strap too. I finally talked them into giving me a ResMed AirFit P10. Guess what? I quit mouth breathing. Guess the right equipment makes everything fit into place. I have been using this for 3 years now and my results are amazing.

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I started with a nasal mask but suffered from frequent open-mouth and dry-mouth for a couple of months. I am now on a full face mask plus chin strap for a couple of months and doing much better. All my index numbers have improved.

The full mask can be a bit clunky but I’ve adapted to it well over time. The full face mask is certainly better than the alternative: bad sleep.

Good luck, bales.

Bale, it’s so great to see so many of your peers step up to speak to your issues! The best tips come from those that live with CPAP and accessories!

Thank you, everyone!


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Thank you so much everyone for answering…I do feel a lot better knowing that there are others out there who are going through or have been through similar weird issues and have figured it all out! A few new questions if it is ok…I got the new nose cover mask yesterday. It is not one that goes into your nasal passages, but like a half of a full face mask…(I’m new to the terminology forgive me)…While reading the manual before bed I realised that I possibly had to change the settings…so I did…there were 3 settings, full face, nose and nasal (they were in Finnish but my husband translated)…at first it was a little strange having to keep my mouth closed, but to be honest, I seemed to manage ok and after a while it just seemed to coooperate :).

I was tired this morning, BUT thing is the sleepyhead software is showing what looks like an amazing result…
AHI 0,65 whereas the previous night it was over 6 with the other mask…Can this be true!!!

The pressure seems to be a lot lower too…Is this because its a nasal mask so the pressure needs to be less?? Or do I not need the mask if the air pressure is so low…Is it ok to have lower pressure? Ziggy you spoke about adjusting pressure as it needs to be…could you possibly expand in this when you have time…

Sorry I have tried to read up about all these things but to be honest it all so complicated (the terms), all I know is I snore, I gagg/stop breathing and I wake an awful lot…its been diagnosed as apnea which is bad and why I feel like a poop most days/for years…but then in come all the terms and I am confused…and realise there are a lot of gurus out there…apologies!!

This is absolutely the case for many, @dk800mi… when we have untreated sleep apnea, our body compensates by breathing through the mouth as a survival mechanism. When we treat our apnea, the body relearns that it was never meant to breathe through the mouth during sleep and you stop oral breathing. It really does come down to finding the right mask for the job! Congrats that you’ve achieved that, no small feat!