Full Mask - AHI high

Was having problems with air leakage when using nasal cushions. Switched to full face mask due to being a mouth breather. Now have no leakage, but my AHI has gone from an average of about .2 to between 10 and 17 nightly. Don’t understand why.

From a treatment perspective, this really looks like you were much better off with the nasal cushions and the air leakage. Your AHI of .2 shows that your machine was compensating for the leaks and your treatment was working nicely. There are methods to become an ex-mouth breather that folks here can share, should you decide to go back to using your nasal cushions. I’m an ex-life-long-mouth-breather, using nasal pillows.

With your full face mask, do you find that you are waking frequently in the night?

I’m not sure why your AHI has gone up so much, but your current readings are substantially above normal (less than 5). Since this has happened since the mask switch, it’s safe to say that your full face mask isn’t working out for you. You’ll need to try something different.

Keep posting. Help is on the way.

Hi snuzyQ, thank you for your feedback. It sure makes sense what you are saying. I don’t seem to be waking any more frequently during the night with the full face mask. Last night my reading with the mask was 6.7. I did change to a side sleeping position. I actually prefer the full face mask if I can get it to work, as it is more comfortable and I don’t have the outer and inner nose irritation I was having. Will see what happens in the next few weeks. Thanks again for getting back to me.

Has your pressure remained the same for both pillows and mask? The lowest workable pressure helps my nose pillows keep my AHI in a good range and I don’t experience discernable leakage.

Yes, pressure has remained the same. My machine, since I started using it, has been set to a titration of 14. Have an appointment with cpap provider soon to review, and determine whether to stay with nose cushions or change to full face mask. Titration may change. Thanks.

have you went to the appointment? what are the updates? thanks! i’m currently thinking to get myself one and get some supps from supprforlife.to heard there are good stuff for sleep.

Appoint is not until Sept 28.

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