Frustrated and upset...devastated

I’m devastated today. After losing 100 lbs this past year and not needing cpap after follow study the doctor still wants me to use it. :sleepy::weary:I’m so upset. How is it possible to lose the weight and be fit and still have this issue??? Omg help. Can’t believe it. Lose weight and still have health issues. Any thoughts please.

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Great job on losing all of that weight. Unfortunately our tongues tend to not lose all of the fatty deposits built up over time. You should be able to use a lower pressure with all of that weight loss as well.

Sorry that your doc still wants you to use CPAP, but congratulations on that major weight loss. Regardless of your sleep problem, you have achieved so many other health benefits from that!

Can you get a second opinion about the sleep?

Sometimes, it is not just the weight gain that causes sleep apnea. For example, I developed my sleep apnea when I developed my allergies in my early 30s - I have a tiny airway and with the congestion (even on allergy meds), it causes me to have sleep apnea. So, I would guess that there is something else causing your apnea.

I empathize with your feelings but it doesn’t diminish your accomplishment. Great job losing the weight it will serve you best in so many other ways in terms of your health. You should be very proud of yourself. As one that still struggles with the weight I am so happy for you and hope to follow in your foot steps. Congrats.

Hey Peter, I too was devastated when I was diagnosed with sleep-apnea induced afib last June. I’m 65 years old, 6’1" and weigh 190 lbs (just out of my BMI) and never really snored in my life. I walk, run, and work out and am very active. Turns out I was slowly hurting my heart through untreated sleep apnea that caused me intermittent afib until it was caught one day by my primary who sent me to the cardiologist who sent me to the sleep specialist. Suddenly last June I’m diagnosed and tied to a bipap sleep apnea machine for what looks like the rest of my days. I hate the mask, hate the maintenance of the machine and accessories, and hate what it does to romance. It’s also a pain when I travel for work.
The good news is I’m out of afib, I’m sleeping through the night, and I can breathe freely all through the day, which was a problem for me. I often felt oxygen starved (like you have to yawn or breathe deep all the time). Now for me the more I exercise (I sat at a desk as a writer and ad sales person all day every day for 35 years) the better I sleep and the better I feel. The good news for you is you did lose the weight. What an incredible accomplishment! Now if you do have other health issues, you can find them out and take care of them since you’ve taken care of issue #1. Best of luck, you’ve undoubtedly done some incredibly hard work and we all commend you.

Hi Chooched - I am so sorry that things didn’t work out like I suspect they told you they would, but that is still an amazing accomplishment by any standards.

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