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COPD & Sleep Apnea: The Overlap Syndrome
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I participated in the webinar on Wednesday the 13th. I found it a valuable use of my time because I learned new terms and other information about COPD and sleep apnea (and their mutual interactions).

I remarked at the end of the webinar that I’ve been using a consumer-grade wearable monitor to track some health metrics. This is the device I’ve been using:

I’ve been using it to track: sleeping heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, and blood oxygen saturation.

I’ve noticed that on some nights the blood oxygen saturation level is high with tight grouping of sampling points. On other nights the saturation level is lower with much more scatter of the sampling data points. I tend to feel more rested on nights with tight grouping and not as well rested on other nights.

See the attached screenshot graphic with two distinct nights data:

I slept better on the night represented by the right graphic’s data points. Not as well on the left’s data points.

I conclude that the Biostrap’s readings of differences in my blood oxygen saturation are representing cyclical variations in my sleep quality for reasons I don’t understand. Hence my suspicion I may be suffering from something in addition to sleep apnea (such as COPD).

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Hi John, Great post thanks for sharing the information and the data. Quick question on the plots. . .blue should represent night and pink/red daytime. I don’t see any blue dots. That said, there is clear variability on the one plot vs the other.


I can’t recall having seen any blue dots plotted. All I ever see are pink dots, even for data points sampled during daylight.

I’ll investigate to see if I can learn more.