Finally Received my CPAP

I received my Resmed Airsense 10 Auto set yesterday with a nasal mask and heated hose. It was preset to 20. Went I went to bed I set the ramp at 30 minutes. This morning I was amazed at how well I tolerated the machine and mask. According to the MyAir stats I scored a 95. I did 8 and 1/2 hours of therapy, mask leakage was very minimal and I only had to get up once for the bathroom. However, my AHI was 49.9! Granted it was just my first night, but I expected that with the other stats being so favorable, my AHI would have been significantly better than 49.9. I reported the results to my doc and am waiting for a response.

It may take some time to see significant results after all that which took years to create won’t be erased over night.

Your PAP settings will likely need adjusted for your personal optimized settings. Until then, you will get very poor sleep results just like this.

I’m hearing similar stories of new CPAP users all the time. I’ve attempted to get straight CPAP to work in 2015…no doctor support. In fact, he blamed me for failed PAP therapy. I had a BPAP in the winter of 2017, when I joined Apnea Board. We discovered on my sleep study I had SEVERE Central Apnea at 124 vs Obstructive Apnea at 24. Again this doc failed. He ignored 124 CA and attempted to treat 24 OA with BPAP which set my CA through the roof. It took an Urgent Need appointment with the nurse and a second doctor at that pulmonary facility to recognize the CA. From there it was 6 months of my self advocacy to get a proper machine the ASV. Now I have to do the machine approval again due to COPD being on top of the apnea. Unfortunate, the medical system for supporting apnea patients is given misguided standards and medical practices it seems. And this is how most of us are treated.

From my own experience and of that of others I read on this forum and also 2 other apnea forums that I’m a member, it is overwhelmingly the way the medical system fails the apnea patient regularly and intentionally it seems. Almost every apnea patient follow this path: medical treatment involves going to a doctor, discussing symptoms, being sent for a sleep study, discussing the study with maybe some real discussion at another doc visit, a script for CPAP and some very light discussion what it means, getting a CPAP from a DME, most likely a titration overnight at a sleep lab to discover your pressures and then send you home telling you to use it and that’s about it. The doc has to follow-up after 1 month of use as part of the insurance compliance approval, otherwise not much else is done for you.

Note that the system wants you to use insurance and your bank account to pay for multiple doc visits and multiple sleep lab sessions to get your therapy tuned in.

Here’s a novel and less expensive way, and one that in the US at least, is legal. You can go to a forum such as this one or something like the ones I’m aware of called CPAP Talk, Free CPAP Advice, Apnea Board. You sign up for free, discuss in a thread very much like you just did now, and we as free forum members suggest you get a free program called OSCAR to view you CPAP data read on your PC that is a data upload of machine data on your SD card. We see your post and say this can be changed or that, including changes to your CPAP pressure settings. I say give that a try. I’m almost certain your CPAP machine is set at factory default at 4-20, especially so if you’re issued a variant called APAP. The doctor thinks it will just work out at default settings. However if it doesn’t, he the DME and control groups would prefer you pay money via doctor visits and titrations to get new scripts to edit settings from 4-20 to 5-20 and so on.

So here again get free OSCAR on a free forum for free advice. And you set your PAP yourself for free. No machine hacking involved. The PAP machine has a clinical menu for programming and that’s where you set your pressures yourself legally. Hope you come over and try it. We’d be glad to help you get proper PAP pressures free and fast.

Best wishes to everyone that you will self advocate for better Apnea treatment. Stand up for yourself, be heard and treated properly.

At the very least, I question the pressure of 20 - seems high. I have a AHI of 106 and my pressure on my Resmed Airsense 10 is “10” and my nightly average AHI is always less than 5. I know we are all different but try to utilize a pressure as low as possible and still achieve a decent nightly AHI. Side effects from too much pressure can be noxious including daily stuffed-up nose, loss of sense of taste and smell, to name a few. I use the Philips Respironics DreamWear nose system, like it so much more than nasal mask. Good luck.

Two responses:
-Settings: My pulmonologist (the md who switched my cpap set at 6 to the apap set at a range of 6 to 12) said he has found a narrower range better. He also advised using no ramp, and I am surprised at how quickly I go to sleep without the ramp. Most AHIs are below 5. I am most negatively affected by pain and/or food choices. Also, he showed me how to adjust the heat and humidity. Adjusting these myself, especially when sleeping in the very dry air of the air-conditioner, has really improved my ahi’s/sleep quality. During my sleep study, they added a chin strap and that helps also.
-Question for @Amt2gbis72 who replied to you: What type of mask do you wear? I am familiar with only the Philips Dream nasal cushion and the full face. Do you use either of these? Is there another? I find the thin straps and small cushion below the nose comfortable, but when I try to sleep on my side, it moves easily–the only time I ever have a mask leak.
Thanks to all who replied so far here. Informative thread.

You’re right about the setting it’s 4-20. And I thought my doc actually put some thought into the pressure setting. On the other hand that may be an unfair statement because my insurance denied coverage for a titration study. I think the “fix” without doing an appeal was to prescribe the APAP and just try the factory settings. I tried to talk the doc into prescribing an ASV machine since I had a central ahi of 10 and an obstructive ahi of 75. I have no idea if the ASV would make a difference for me. I will definitely look into OSCAR. Thanks for the insightful reply.

Hello Louise, broke my wrist so typing one-fingered! I use the Philips Dream nasal cushion and have the same problem. I actually bought the DreamWear Resperonics nasal heagear with nasal cushions and then reconfigued the back by sewing velcro to the straps to secure them more tightly so the back doesn’t move around as much. Phillips need to design headgear just for women because if we have longer hair, the back of the headgear moves around too much during the night. I am assuming men have less of a problem because of short hair. if you want to give me your e-mail address, I will send you a photo of what I did. Dianne

It’s me again. I may have misinformed, i used an older version of the Dreamware to put the velcro on, not the very latest model with the plastic tubing on either side of the ears - hard to describe - photo better - let me know if want to see my “jerryrigged” headgear. Dianne

@Amt2gbis72 I would like to see the photo! Thanks for sharing!

Yeah - Mine is 10 as well - It started out at 14, and it was practically blowing me out of the bed. It took me a while to convince the sleep doctor that it was too high. I got it down to 9, then backed it up by 1. 10 is perfect for me…

I just got the mask with the plastic wings and I think it stays put on my hair better. On the previous style, I put the strap under my hair. With the new mask, it is quieter with the strap on top of the hair. Also, it hasn’t leaked.
Perhaps it is my pillow? Sleeping on my back, it stays put. Lately, I have been trying to sleep on my side. The mask doesn’t leak, it just keeps me awake.
Have you (or anyone else?) tried the Contour CPAP max2 pillow?
PS Thanks for the offer of the pic. I would like to see it. You can click on the symbol on the lower right and post it here in this thread.

Hope these images are helpful. I can only sleep on my back not side. Glad your new mask with plastic wings works. Never tried the Contour CPAP max2 pillow. If your new mask works you might not have to “jerryrig” like I did. Dianne

This info is for MotherT as well, didn’t see your post till after I posted
reply to louise. Good luck to all - we just want a decent night’s sleep with
the safety a CPAP can provide!!!


@Amt2gbis72 That is perfectly fine! Glad you are sharing :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks for the great pictures! If I try that on an older mask and strap, I will let you know.
I keep my old ones as spares.
I read that many covid patients (including the B guy in the UK) were put on cpap and it helped keep them off a respirator.

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