Feedback on the SleepHealth ResearchKit App

The SleepHealth Study Team is interested in your feedback, thoughts and suggestions on how we improve the app for version 2. Unlike other studies you can talk directly to the study team here.

What do you like? What don’t you like? What features would you like to see? What survey questions would like to see added?


It would be great if the app had automatic sleep tracking capabilities. With the option to edit the hours if need be. Would be too of my list. Also if that is done then definitely Apple HealthKit information to be integrated to show the sleep information would be amazing.

I don’t see why the Apple Watch wouldn’t be capable of it when my Pebble Steel was able to provide that info with the misfit app.

Some type of tutorial on how to use app or the apple watch app would be helpful. I think I have it figured out now though.


Was trying to research on your website how to switch to nightshift mode. Realized that it would prove moot. iOS 9.3 has not been released yet. Only in beta and developer version. Also, I noticed just now, while typing you cannot correct, in app, unless you delete whole line to get to charachter. One cannot place finger over word to correct. Please have developers fix, otherwise it could aggrivate subjects. Thanks for your continued support.


I have downloaded and installed the IOS app. I have an iPhone 5 with IOS 9.2.1. I have successfully registered within the app. However I am stuck in a loop with consent. I agree to all the questions. Type my name, sign my signature. When I click Done it takes me back to my email and password. Once I enter these I am back at consent. I have verified my email. So I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

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This application should track your sleep.
It pulls my steps walked data, but not my sleeping versus awake data?

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Sure wish I could get it on my IPAD. I don’t have an iPhone - or an Iwatch. :pensive:

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You can get it in your iPad. Go to the App Store, do a search for the app, change the setting from iPad only to iPhone only and it will pop up.
iPhone apps work on iPad.

As for an idea for the next version, the turn down activity should be a simple tap and it check marks, don’t need to tap, read the same thing every time and click completed.

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I was unable to complete my activities for the day in the app because I went to bed after midnight. When I went to record my evening activities it showed tomorrow’s activities list, not today. It shouldn’t change at midnight. Or there should be an option to go back a day to complete the activities log


These are exactly the comment I was going to make. The inability to edit in the app is frustrating. And I too discovered after doing research that night shift is not yet available.

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It would be good to be able to access information which has historically entered into the app so we can better understand our own sleep habits. Now only the amount of sleep appears to be available.


A few suggestions for the app:

  • My iPhone already knows when I sleep, since I track sleep with my Apple Watch, using the excellent Sleep++ app, which saves the data to HealthKit. I wish the app would just retrieve this information rather than asking me to manually enter it every day,

  • When I do manually enter the data, why does the start time for my sleep default to today’s date? My sleep time started yesterday and ended today. This seems like it would frequently cause data entry errors.

  • Speaking of data entry errors, there should be a way to correct a previous entry. I appear to have one that is skewing my sleep hour statistics in the app.


It is impossible to complete the sleep concierge activity in the sleep health app because not everything applies. The night shift functionality is currently not available and if you don’t have a partner, it’s impossible to complete that task. The result is that the concierge activity is always incomplete. It seems to not take a person’s profile into consideration. Please fix.


There’s a couple things that I think, if improved, would reduce program attrition.
First, as others have said, if we are already tracking sleep with a third party app, we shouldn’t need to enter those times in manually. It’ll be more accurate and leave less room for error. I don’t think this app needs to track sleep, there are other apps that do that well already. If the app sees HealthKit sleep data, just check it off for us.
Same goes for caffeine and alcohol, that data may be provided by another app. Don’t ask us again if we already entered that info elsewhere and it appears in HealthKit.
Reporting medications is a pain. You have to type at least the name and dose every single night. A “recents” list would be helpful here, and the ability to set daily medications that are assumed to be taken would further eliminate steps. So far, we’ve eliminated the need for the morning and evening check-in for people entering that info elsewhere, or at least reducing it to a confirmation page with the info collected, and a “looks good” button or the option to modify data.

The turn down service is nice, but I should be able to check the steps off without having to read every description page. It adds a lot of time to an otherwise simple activity.

The watch app is almost painfully unreliable. Most of the time, when I try to access it, it gets stuck in infinite loading cycle and I can never actually complete the activity I tried to do. I should be able to get to what I’m looking for in less than 5 seconds, otherwise it’s easier and faster to pull the phone out.

The alertness checker is about 2 minutes too long. I think I get worse results simply because I can’t pay attention to anything that simple that long. If the length is important, maybe switch to another activity after a minute.

I like the nap tracker but sometimes I don’t plan my naps, they just happen. I would like to be able to enter approximate times after the fact.

I think these would help keep me on board and actually completing things on time.


Thanks, great suggestions. We expect to have those capabilities in version 2 and as the next version of the Watch is released. The app will pull from fitbits, upbands, and other devices that feed into the Health app.

Agreed, We anticipate Night Shift will be available by the end of the month. We also expect to have much more functionality in the Sleep Concierge that provides more items and allows you to customize, which ones you want reminders from. Ideally, we want you to be able to use bluetooth to dim your lights or thermostat right from your phone using Nest, Homekit devices, and other smart devices to establish good bedtime routines and sleep environments. RK has some limitations that we ran up against in this version and will need to work with programmers to build out some customization as we move along. At the end of the day, this is a longterm research study on sleep health and how it impacts health, safety, and productivity. However, we strongly believe, as an all patient team, that it has to provide value and “stickiness” to make it worthwhile for people to participate and complete surveys or 7-day check in every 3 months.

Are you still having this problem? There was a couple hours where even I was locked out. IBM fixed it.

Let me know if you are still having problems and I will share with the backend team.

Thanks for sticking with it.

It will in the future. Right now, there’s not a reliable app on the iPhone that does it. The Watch has great capabilities that still have not been released yet. We hope to pull from third party devices in the near future (fitbit, upband) but those are not perfect. Ideally, we want both objective and subjective surveys of sleep and activities for good data.

Please stick with it and keep up the suggestions. We have many great things planned.

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Thank you.

Right now I don’t believe ResearchKit apps are on the Ipad because it pulls from the Health app in the phone and expects you to carry it around with you all the time. It is available on the iPod Touch if you have one.

We do hope to get grant funding to develop and Android version to open the study to as many people as possible. Work in progress. Thanks for your interest.

Thanks. Good suggestion. The RK platform didn’t give us as much flexibility as we wishes. For instance, we wanted to do sleep and wake times in 15 minute increments to make it easy to fill out. Couldn’t do it with this version. We have about another 20 features for the Sleep Concierge and provide much more functionality and graphic feedback as people use it.

Appreciate the feedback.


We are aware of that and tried to change it before launch, but apparently it’s a restriction of the ResearchKit Platform. We have flagged that as an issue going forward and work with our developer and Apple to see if there is a way to improve it.

Thanks again.