Face Mask slips up during night ends up exposing my mouth

The lower part of my face mask moves up after about 3 hours of sleep resulting in exposing my mouth and making my mouth very dry and I wake up. I tried making the lower straps snug enough to prevent this movement but that does not help. Perhaps I yawn with my mouth having a large opening and that pushes the mask away from my face. This is getting very frustrating. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Try using the next size up mask/cushion?

Maybe temporarily try a chin strap to see if that helps?

If opening your mouth is catching the bottom of the mask, your mask might be too small. You could try a nasal mask with chin strap.

Or the Amara View mask (pictured), covers your mouth, but sits under your nose.

That is the mask I use. The agency I used to get the CPAP system measured me for the size. I have been using CPAP since March and this problem has only been occurring for 2-3 weeks. Strange. I am checking with my provider to add a chin strap.

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Get one pc. Ch. Strap. Less intrusive. WeR right. Hold chin. In. Reduce mouth breathing. And. Apneas

This has happened to me also. I’ve tried so many different masks that I’m not sure which ones did that. I’m using the res med F 20 right now. I do like it best. But I’ve found out that my mask cushions do not last over 2 mos. And they are supposed to last 3 mo. I hope you get it figured out because I know it is very frustrating!
Good luck, Jim

Keep bottom magnet strap tight. So fits snug on. Chiin