Experience with with Inspire Therapy for Sleeep Apnea

Hi all, I recently had a sleep endoscopy performed by a doctor who is also certified to do the Inspire Surgery and Therapy in Indiana. My results showed that I had a really significant collapse of the pharynx, 100% AP of the velopharynx and a complete concentric collapse of the oropharynx, retro­ glossal and retro-epiglottic spaces. Jaw thrust really did not help at all.

Other than the Inspire website and a few Sleep Health and Apnea forums, I can barely find anyone who has had a negative experience with it. I’m skeptical however because it looks like all the reviews were written by someone who works with or is connected to Inspire. I think they might even have trolls that go around to other websites and write positive reviews so it will make their product look better.

IN fact, this article from 2017 makes me very nervous about the therapy:

One website I read state the following:

“Inspire airway stimulation is a relatively effective treatment for moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea when CPAP is not tolerated”

“relatively effective treatment” that word “relatively scares me.”

Also, let’s not talk about the cost.

Anyway, I’m new here so I hope someone will look at this, take pity upon me, and give some advice.


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I’ve done some reading about it. The one negative thing that stood out for me was you are unable to have an MRI after. I thought it would be less invasive than having to wear CPAP every night. I’ve never met anyone who has had it. I did send an email to a local doctor and asked a question and found out I’m not a candidate for it because I also have central apnea. There’s a similar procedure for central apnea but no one in my area that I have found that does it. I’m thinking about waiting a few years to see the outcome of other cases.

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Hi KIm, thanks for your reply. I think it’s probably best to wait. I’ll give CPAP a try again. Deep sigh.

Interesting replies as I go in for evaluation with Inspire specialist this coming a Monday. My sleep study indicated an AHI of 81. I have found CPAP to be totally in effective.

Hello! I’ve been anxious to find a forum on individuals who are considering becoming INSPIRE patients. My email is Kellysonshine@gmail.com if anyone would like to know The Truth of this implant. My story is long and complicated so I hesitate to write here. If folks wish to ask me specific questions, I’m happy to answer on this forum. I believe it is now my mission to share with as many as possible, the truth and nothing but the truth. My ending is the same every time I write about my personal experience. Don’t just walk away(upload://A0907GZ06ftW7foiWosbLSlfGSp.jpeg) people…RUN!

I had my inspire device implanted at the end of June. It is surgery. They say its outpatient but I spent the night. I would not have wanted to go home that first day. Three incisions. One by your ribs, one below your collarbone and one on your neck. They are each about 2-3 inches long. The one by the ribs was the worst. Like a bruised rib. That being said… I was not a big fan for the first week. After that, they have you wait about a month before it is “activated”. The remote has intensity settings. They have you raise the setting once every few days for about 10 levels. When you activate it each night, there is a tingle in your tongue then you have 30 minutes to fall asleep. After all that… I LOVE IT. I have been sleeping so much better. I have a sleep study later this week to assess how I am doing after three months. I am pretty sure it will be a good outcome. I could keep going about this. Ask me any questions you have…

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I am happy for you, @jhugan ! It is so great that there are options for treating sleep apnea so people can make choices! Hats off and congratulations on your treatment success!

So how did your sleep study go? Was there a dramatic improvement? An issues arisen since you last posted. Thanks.

I am waiting for the study results. No new issues. I feel like I am sleeping better. I have a meeting later this week about the study.

Here is my sleep apnea journey that includes Inspire

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