Excessive gas

Suggestions for dealing with excessive gas caused by C-PAP.

My first suggestion would be to have your pressure settings re-assessed, it could well be that your in-hale is working against your ex-hale, if your happy with your settings to otherwise help you could try drinking peppermint tea this with lower excess gasses.

Thanks for your comments. My settings have been reviewed a number of times by my physician. I have an AHI of 106, so we have gone as low on the pressure as we dare. I am not a mouth breather and maintain a good AHI of lower than 5 on almost all nights. I use nose cushions and these give me the best results. I have a number of side effects including loss of sense of smell and taste but the most bothersome is the gas which can sometimes linger all day long.

Are there any medications that might minimize excessive gas?