Excess mucus in throat with CPAP use

Not a pleasant topic, but one very real to us CPAP users. You know who you are and you “get” this!

Until I figured out how to best use my humidifier, I used to experience this problem with great frequency. A shout out for help from a sleep doctor friend who also uses CPAP, I received the following advice:

During the winter months the air is much drier than normal and tends to increase the viscosity (thickness) of secretions (saliva, post nasal dri, nasal secretions) quite a bit. That is why humidification is essential with CPAP devices for maximum benefit and comfort.

However, when the temperature in the bedroom is lower in the winter, mid 60’s and below, there is a tendency for “condensation” and “rain out” withing the CPAP hose that most CPAP users compensate by lowering the heat setting on their humidifiers that then leads to an increase in viscosity of any normal or usual secretions.

You need to keep the humidity settings up to a level where you go through at least 25% - 33% of the water in your water chamber each night. Lastly, if you are using bottled spring water, well water or tap water that has been boiled, this i not adequate for CPAP use. Distilled water is preferred and works the best.

Thank you Dr. Jim

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