Events won't come down

I have for 4 months used full mask for 7 to 9 hours per night. My initial study revealed 149 events per hour. I now am stuck at 25 to 35. My question is: "Why can’t I get the events down any further. I sleep sound and am not aware of the events."
Any suggestions appreciated.

You may need a ox concentrator OR, if you have one, you may need to have the level of ox adjusted to suit your needs. The same for your c-pap, a sleep mapper may be a better choice,(with Wi-Fi).

Are you on an Auto titrating machine? If so, what is the max pressure set at? If your events are that high, you may need a machine that can go higher than the standard 20cm. An auto BiLevel device may help.

Its a bummer getting stuck at an unacceptable level.

My untreated AHI was originally 65 but came down to about 15-20 with CPAP use. But then it got stuck. It took several more months of experimentation for me to get the right pressure and mask for the AHI to average below 5.

My experience was: Don’t give up. Keep trying different combinations of mask/pressure.

While unfortunate, the answer is very simple. Somewhere along the way you did not pay someone the appropriate fees.

You need to discuss your concerns with your sleep doctor. Your doctor will review the data & make a determination as to why your apnea events are still at a dangerous level. I wouldn’t leave this issue to second quessing by the members of this group. You need continued professional treatment to resolve this issue.

But I would also ask if you’ve been evaluated by an ENT doctor (Ear, Nose & Throat or their professional name Otolaryngologist) to determine if you have any structural problems contributing to the problem & preventing your current CPAP therapy from being as effective as it should be. You could have a deviated septum or blocked turbinates (nasal passages) that don’t allow air to even get through. Or you may have overly large adenoids (& or tonsils) & need them to be removed.Or there could be a problem in your jaw structure that you might require you to see a type of Maxilofascial dentist, who specializes in treating sleep apnea so that you can get a special splint that moves the lower jaw forward & the tongue, too, preventing it from slipping backwards, blocking air from reaching your lungs.

If I were you, I would make another appointment with the sleep doctor sooner than later as the continued high number of apnea events are surely affecting your health (even if you don’t notice it) & lifespan, & can even lead to death. You need to get those apnea events down ASAP.

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