Ear loop mask for mouth breathers?

I think I may be allergic to the “headgear” straps that go around the back of the head for a full cpap mask. I currently use a Res Med mask/headgear. I have a lot of itching where the straps go and have been to the dermatologist twice. They say my scalp looks healthy and prescribed shampoo which does not help. Plus I hate the way my hair is affected by the straps that go around the head. My hair is very thin on top and I want to avoid it from being rubbed as much as possible. I’d like to keep the hair that I have so I try not to put stress on my hair. I currently use the headgear that has the straps on the sides of the head, above the ears, and around the head above the neck… no straps on top of the head. I don’t mean to sound vain about my hair… I do realize my health is more important… but with prior hair loss and now scalp itching (the itching started with the cpap use) I hope to find a better solution to the equipment I’m now using. I am interested in the Res Med Swift FX mask that has the ear loops but I am a mouth breather. While I am able to breathe through my nose some nights, other nights I have a lot of nasal congestion and must breathe through my mouth so I doubt that just using nasal pillows will work for me. Does anyone know of a similar mask (with ear loops) that a mouth breather can use? I think it might not even be possible to get a tight seal with a “mouth breather mask” and ear loops but just thought I would throw this question out to y’all. Thanks.

Hi @KaJ - I am not sure how it would actually fit on each individual’s head, but the design of this one I am talking about seems to not go on the top middle of the head (if that is where the irritated area where hair loss is a problem). The headgear for this one seems to rest on the top/back of the head)
By the way, NO!.. You are not sounding vain. You are just being practical :slight_smile:

The mask I am talking about is called the Mirage Liberty. If you put this in a search (Mirage Liberty Headgear) you can see what I am talking about. ( I’m placing a photo below as well, but it might be hard to view))

It’s a bit of good luck, as well, should you still experience the mouth breathing. This Mirage fits in the nares, but as it is a hybrid, there is also a small mouth area.

Give it a look and see if it would be something to go after for you.

Let us know !



Oh, I wanted to also say that perhaps lining the straps or encasing them in soft cotton might also be a solution. Even gauze might work).

Will be happy to hear back from you, @KaJ

Well here we go again; Try putting a thin layer of silacone calking (100%)on the inside of your straps, I did and it works for me. At first I tried aloevera and it worked but not a permanent fix.

Check out Pad a cheek mask strap pads.

Been using them for years.

Another whole approach would be to look at the Circadiance line of cloth masks. Their straps are much softer than standard masks.

They do have a full face model suitable for mouth breathers.

An added benefit is they work great with full facial hair.

Use them with truck drivers all the time.