I have been using a bipap machine since June after a case of afib. My problem is that I keep waking up with severe drymouth. Is a chinstrap the only solution to this?

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Try using a gel called sleepQ+ on your lips. The gel is amazing, it retains the lips closed, releases at the touch of the tongue, re-engages again when the mouth is closed and washes off with water. Great reviews on the website www.sleepqplus.com

Ask your doctor about xylimelts they work for me.

Thanks will give this a shot

Hi my husband suffered badly with a dry mouth when he first started using a machine, they got around the problem by adding a dehumidifier to the unit and it improved his problems a lot

I too suffer from dry mouth. I use Biotene mouth wash and have a dehumidifier

I had dry mouth ( i use the dream wear nose pillar) when i slept with the nose pillar; I could not use the mask; so i told my doctor;he gave me a chin strap; what a big difference; my mouth stays closed; I sleep even better and dont wake up at night a few times from dry mouth ; I suggest the chin strap

Its fine using a chin strap if your not a mouth breather, I am a mouth breather so have found that its best to use the humidifier feature if you have it, try starting on a low setting of three, if you still get the dry mouth just increase it, you should not need go as far as 6 or 7, its the only way to resolve the dry mouth problem, and it will save you spending money on things you do not really need.

I have dry mouth ever night. I wake up at 2 wanting to drink something.

Does your device have a heated humidifier? Mine does and my dr thinks that is why I experience no dry mouth. She also says that since I started using it (6mos ago), my sinus/nasal cavities have improved, and are now “normal” in appearance, for the first time in 5 years.

I have a Philips Dreamstation with built-in heated humidifier. Easy to fill. Easy to clean. The sleep study dr sets your humidity level.