Dry mouth

I have a newer bi pap machine with a humidifier. And I am a mouth breather.
But my mouth and throat get so dry that I’m awake every hour and have to gargle with Biotene!
now what? What can I do? I’m so tired!
Please, any ideas?

Oracoat Xylimelts Mild Mint Flavor this has helps me every night. If you don’t like mint flavor they have unflavored. I sleep well using them.

You are sleeping with your mouth open; therefore, you need a chin strap. Worked for me.

I went from a Nasal pillow mask to a full face mask because I was a mouth breather. I’m still experiencing dry mouth. I use the gel and mouthwash biotene.

I’ve even tried the chin strap while using the nasal pillow which didn’t work.

I’m liking my full face Amara view mask.

Thank you Maryellen,Ron, and Ken. For your quick response.J.howie, Jim

Hello, I’ve had lots of dry mouth plus other bothersome side effects since diagnosis in 2014. I worked with my physician to lower the pressure in my C-Pap so that it was still effective in dealing with my Apnea but also gave me as much as relief as possible from the dry mouth and other symptoms. I went from 16 to 11 and that really helped! Ask your doctor to review your pressure level and see if it can be lowered. Hope this helps.

Thank you for the info Priscilla. I may have to try that if the mints.
J.howie, Jim