Dry Eyes


Lately I’ve been suffering from dry eyes. I believe this is from CPAP air mask leaks around my nose irritating my eyes with a flow of air for hours at a time.

I use a face mask that covers mouth and nose. I can feel and hear leaks often during the night that are bad enough to wake me up at times. I’ve tried various combinations of mask strap tightness to no avail. CPAP pressure is at 14.

I’ve also tried various eye masks which are difficult to fit properly under the CPAP nose bridge.

During the day I suffer from dry, itchy eyelid skin and bloodshot, watery eyes. Its awful. Eyedrops don’t seem to help much. Eye gel application before bedtime does seem to help.

Does anyone else suffer from dry eyes? What did you do about it. I’m at my wits end.


Frustrating! I was going to say to try sleep goggles which solved this problem for me, but it sounds like you’ve tried that already. After I had cataract surgery, my left eye was actually hurting when i woke up; the goggles did the trick, thankfully, because I was wondering if it would damage my eye, etc…

For others who are interested, I got these goggles.


Try the P10 nasal pillow. It will solve all your problems.


Using nasal pillows will certainly help but if you open your mouth while sleeping it will disrupt the therapy.
A combination of nasal pillows and a gel called sleepQ+ on your lips should do the trick. The gel is amazing, it retains the lips closed, releases at the touch of the tongue, re-engages again when the mouth is closed and washes off with water. Great reviews on the website www.sleepqplus.com
Good luck.


I had to move to a full face mask from pillow because I open my mouth while sleeping. Maybe I can get back to pillows again someday.


I suffer from chronic dry eye syndrome. I have tried several mask and I am a mouth breather. I started with the nasal pillow. I now am using the full face Amara Dreamwear. The mask fits under my nose and covers my mouth.

Perhaps you could try that mask.


Well, I’ve been trying these goggles and I seem to be having some success in reducing dry eyes. They fit sufficiently under the CPAP forehead arm and protect my eyes from the dry breeze. They are also very dark, completely blacking out any light in my bedroom.



Hi jsaltenb - Have you tried mask filters? I think that might help the leaking issue. Of course, if it a Dreamwear mask, they aren’t making filters for them yet. I have some on order that I am going to try to kluge together and make work. The other thing I discovered (I am new to CPAP) after viewing a video on ResMed about how to adjust the CPAP mask, is that I was doing it wrong. They recommend that your take a strap in each hand at the same time, loosen completely and then tighten just until you can feel it connect well. Then center it and check fit again. I was doing one side at a time and getting them off center, and wayyyy too tight.

It also sounds like you might have Sjogren’s syndrome. It causes dry mucus membranes (like nose and mouth), and eyes. If you do, there is a medication called Pilocarpine HCL that can help. Just be aware than it raises blood pressure in some people but it also lowers heart rate. Complex medication… Here’s hoping you can get it straight…


I ordered some cotton liners and tried them. So far, no help. Going to keep experimenting.

Will try the two-handed strap tightening technique tonight.



Fingers crossed - I got some that are the totally wrong type, but I’ve tried to put them on the mask - I’ll find out tonight… ha ha.


If you are a mouth breather try using a gel called sleepQ+ on your lips. The gel is amazing, it retains the lips closed, releases at the touch of the tongue, re-engages again when the mouth is closed and washes off with water. Great reviews on the website www.sleepqplus.com


Thank you. I will try this gel. I’ve been using Biotene gel and spray with no results.


I’m going to try the gel as well. Thanks for the tip.

Are there any tricks to using the gel most effectively?



I also have dry eye, in fact I had surgery because my eyes were very dry and I got a dry spot in my left eye like a callous and start moving to the center of my eye. Likely I went to a great eye surgeon and successfully removed it. I use Systane Balance one drop on each eye mornings and before I go to bed. This works for me very well. I am in my 5th year using the APNEA machine and the air does not bother my eyes and the dryness of my eyes I don’t think was caused by the air coming out of the mask. Right now I am using a mask called “AirFit P10” Nasal Pillows System for Her. I am very happy with this mask because is very light and self adjust, I love it! I also open my mouth while asleep. I use a strap chin that works for me very well, I use it every night for 10 days and then I don’t have to use it because my mouth gets trained to stay closed.

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How are Systane Balance droplets different than other eye drops?




The reason I use Systane Balance is because the Doctor that did my surgery recommended it.


I had used in the past the gel and is ok. I don’t go out without my sun glasses because the light bothers my eyes. I protect my eyes as much as I can, I noticed that wind bother my eyes also and if I go swimming is very important to protect my eyes from the sun because the sun reflects on the water.


Thanks for the tips.



Hi Rose - Use the same one and love it too! That is an interesting result on the chin strap. I don’t need one, but it’s pretty cool that it works that way…


Hello - jsaltenb.
You do not state how long you have had your pressure set at 14, or how long it has been since you have seen the doctor?

I know the dry eye syndrome only to well, it could be that the pressure is goes to high, if your using the ramp feature on your machine, or that you are moving the mask around on your face when you sleep, also maybe due to you having the straps to tight, maybe all three of these.

I cannot believe anyone has not already told you this, as no matter what mask you use if it fits around the nose you are going to get leaks of some sort, best thing is to check if you need that ramp pressure sorting, and if that’s fine, then you need to sort out your sleep posture, try using a neck pillow it helps by not having your face being buried in a pillow all night, as you toss about your mask will move, your straps should be just tight enough for the mask to sit comfortably on your face, without any leaks at your start pressure.