Drool Like a Fool-Sialorrhea

Hi to all my fellow Apneaniacs,
Unbeknownst to me, I was recently made aware that I was mouth breathing and snoring even with CPAP and nasal mask, which I’ve using for many years! Being single the past 10 years, I have no idea how long this has been an issue and how it’s affected my sleep!
I’ve switched to a full-face mask (ResMed Fit 20) and now have a new problem! I’m drooling!
The seal is fine at first, but after a while the bottom portion of the mask, below my mouth, begins to creep up to and above my mouth. I’ve adjusted the straps every which way and it continues to happen.
I’m trying to determine if the drooling starts before the mask creeps up, perhaps causing the creep, or vice versa, in that I begin to drool after the mask creeps above my mouth…
From what I’ve read, some possibilities include: switch from Medium to Large size mask, chin strap, lip gel…I’ve tried taping my mouth, no good…
Anyway, I assume my pulmonologist will be able to solve my issues, however as my appointment is not for 2 weeks, any thoughts/suggestions from the wisdom of the crowd would be appreciated…

I feel your frustration. I too go through much the same. I switched to the next size up and it seemed to do the trick.

It took me a few weeks to get used to mouth taping, and it sounds bizarre, but I’ve had much luck with 1/2 inch brown micropore tape, which is inexpensive, about $4 per roll, and easy to tear without cutting. It is slightly porous, and if taken off slowly, does not hurt the lips on removal. I’ve used it for a month every night and it seems to have no effect on my lips, like chapping or irritation. The mouth cream from Australia that seals the lips is $58 per tube. I’m not knocking the cream as a solution, simply pointing out the cost difference. I absolutely recommend mouth taping as the sensation of nose breathing only is quite nice. I wake up feeling refreshed and my lungs feel open as opposed to the shallower sensation I get after a night of mouth breathing and dry mouth.

thanks shuggeman, your input is very much appreciated :slight_smile:
i’m curious, are you taping your mouth due to saliva drippage as well, or only dry mouth issue?
i’m awaiting a response to an email i’d sent to the australian company, asking where I may buy the lip cream locally (I’m in NY)…but at $58 per tube, that’s ridiculous! what’s in it, essence of Scarlett Johanssen! will give the tape you mentioned a try, thanks.

zuuuuuuuuuc, I’m taping because I’m on a BIPAP machine, which blows much harder than a CPAP machine. It blows in at a 12 when I’m inhaling, and in at an 8 when I’m exhaling. I have central sleep apnea where your brain essentially forgets to tell your lungs to breath during sleep. So I’m taping to keep the machine from blowing open my mouth during the night at which point I end up breathing only through my mouth. However, when I mouth tape, after I apply the tape, I press my lips together much like a woman pressing her lips together to spread her lipstick, and my mouth is pretty much sealed. If you try it let me know how it goes! It took me a week to get used to it, but only a few days to see the benefit.