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Dear SleeptemberMembers,

Today, the American Sleep Apnea Association announced its partnership with IBM Watson Health to launch our new SleepHealth Mobile App Study on Apple ResearchKit. It’s a whole new way to make research fun and easy with the first patient designed and led Apple ResearchKit study. Please join us in discovering the relationship between sleep health and co-morbid conditions such as cancer, mental health, heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Come give us your ideas, aspirations, and support to improve our lives and those who follow us. ‪

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Is this available for Android devices or only iPhone?


only on iPhone for version 1. We look forward to creating an android or webbased platform in the near future.

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ugggh! Hopefully soon for Android I could really use it! =)

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I have downloaded it and there is a ton of crashes / bugs in it… I would love to beta test this if that is such an option… I am a iPhone developer and have sleep apnea & narcolepsy… Would love to participate thanks…


I had no problem with the download or the consent on my iPhone


no android? really? in 2016? whatever…