Does anyone have a problem with falling asleep before puting CPAP on?

I was wondering if anyone has the same problem I do with falling asleep before you turn on your CPAP machine and putting your mask on and what you do about it?


Grandpa Patrick

Hi Patrick,

Some folks simply put on the mask as soon as they get into bed. Most machines nowadays can automatically detect when you’ve fallen asleep and will ram up the pressure appropriately.


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Dear Fujishima,
That might work for some people but what if you want to read a book or watch TV and you wear glasses that don’t fit when you have the mask on. What if you can’t go to sleep right away, do you just wear the mask for hours and hours? I don’t have a special machine. I don’t like to have the machine on and listen to the drone for hours, or even 1/2 hour if I am enjoying listening to soft music. What about if I am listening to an audiobook. What about when I fall sleep in my recliner while doing any of the above. Another night without my CPAP.
It seems that the CPAP machine should have a mobile clock fits into a try connecting it to the CPAP machine that checks you every hour during the time you sleep- say from 10 pm to 7 am. It could have a nice feminine voice and wake you up if you fall asleep and remind you to please put on your mask or turn on your machine or both depending on which you forgot to do. What do you think?

Hey Patrick,

Those are some good ideas! I should probably look into whether or not
there’s an app for that. Based on what you’re saying though, I think some
kind of trigger can help-like a smartwatch. All you’d need in that case is
an alarm that’s set around your preferred bedtime. When it goes off you’ll,
it should trigger the watch to vibrate, which (from what I’ve experienced),
should be enough to annoy you awake at least. Then you can go about putting
on your mask etc. How does that sound?

Hi fujishima
That seems like a workaround but wouldn’t the female voice telling you
what you missed be a lot nicer? And when you get up in the middle of
the night (about 40 percent of population) called “middle of the night
insomnia” you would have to set another alarm. Being sleepy you might
forget. Some people wake up 2-3 times during the night. Also I have fallen
asleep after turning the machine on but upon waking find the mask in my
lap and I have put the mask on only to wake up and find that I had not
turned the machine on. Alarms can work, but are far from ideal for me
anyway. Maybe I need to contact CPAP manufacturers.
I would just like everyone’s feedback (constructive please)

There was just a report on the news saying that not using your CPAP machine can lead to Alzheimer’s disease! So how important is having a clock on the machine to make sure that you have the machine on and the mask on every time you are asleep!

Try to relax. Before put on. Mask. Use eye blinders. Mask. Helps me

About once or twice a month I fall asleep before remembering to don my CPAP. I usually wake up in the middle of the night with a headache during such episodes which reminds me to put the CPAP on.

If live someone they gotta help ya not go sleep without mask. Do it. Before ya get in bed. Self discipline helps. Headaches. Can lead. Bad. Stuff

This happens to me about once a month or so.