Do you know someone living with COPD and Sleep Apnea?


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I have sleep apnea & COPD, how do I find out if I have the wireless capability?


Does your machine have a device attached that sends usage information to your doctor or DME?


Here is one, there are other brands similar that attach to the machine, @RWilson


Dear mother T; Where might I buy this article for wireless?


I would start with your CPAP supplier, @RWilson . If they cannot help you, call the physician’s office that ordered your CPAP.


Thank you Mom. I hope to have a wireless converter attached to my map reader, I’m sure that since this is the latest model I should be able to do such. Love you Mom.


LOL… So glad you got right on that and are going to take that next step @RWilson - Please “call your mother” (here) when you get all set :slight_smile:


Great info for anyone new to the group.

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