Do Seniors Need Less Sleep?


No, but they may need a different kind of sleep.

                               Article By
                                Jennifer  Dixon

Good article to contemplate how our lives change as we age and the sleep challenges that may result.


Yes I believe because I observed that with my grandparents. They so sensitive with their sleeping habit. They wake up so early and go to bed so early too but in the middle of the night, they’re awake.


I am 45 and I had a sleep disorder since 28 years old, it even made me get into opium prescription, horrible, don’t try opium medicines.

Seniors don’t need less sleep but some of them do have trouble sleeping, my father was one of those, but he slept 8 hours a day but he did it differently, he would sleep an hour and then wake back up, then another 2 hours and wake up and so on and so forth.