Difficulty of using this site

What are the letters in the colored circles. How do I respond to an issue.

Hello @toni
Are you talking about in the community? The little letter in the circle is your default icon image.
What issue can we help you with?

Sincerely, CC

I am not talking about the people if that is what you mean my community. I mean I find it very difficult to geat around the actual site. When you say the little letter in the cirlle is my default icon image, what do you mean.
Some years back I was on the ASAA forum. It was a lively site with much exchange and sharing. I learned a gread deal there. I can not find that now.

@toni Thanks for taking the time to clarify. I will share this thread with the Sleeptember team, as they continue to improve the community flow and content. Until then, thanks for your time and energy on this site. The team is grateful for your feedback.
Sincerely, CC

When you are reading a thread, look to the lower right corner. You should see a reply button. After you click that button, a box will appear where you can type your response. Hope that helps!