Depression and Stress at Holiday time

10 Tools for Dealing with Holiday Depression and Stress

Dealing with Grief During the Holiday Season

I found this article very helpful as I lost a dear friend to congestive heart failure yesterday. I had a special Christmas connection with her and so I will cherish the memories instead of the sadness and loss.

This time of year is always hard for me. My husband died 13 years ago. Christmas was his favorite time of the year and so I think of him and miss him even more during the holiday season. To honor him, and to help myself get through it, I try to do all the things he loved and so I “take him with me” and always with a smile on my face.

I find it also helps to surround myself with friends and family. While the depression part of me wants to be alone in grief, I know that I can take control and try “not to go there”. It’s so much nicer to smile, laugh, give and receive heartfelt hugs.

HAPPY Holidays

Are the Holidays hard for you? How do you cope?