Dent in my head that doesn't go away

I use the airlift P-10 nasal pillows, with the headgear that has one strap that goes over the top of your head (like ear to ear) and the other strap goes around the back of your head under the “occipital bump” on the back of your head. I have noticed I have developed a dent across the top of my head from the strap. It doesn’t show because of my hair, but I can feel it when I touch it. The strap across the top of my head has made a sunken in “gutter” from the pressure of the strap. It doesn’t even go away at the end of the day! I have tried massaging it, but that doesn’t make it go away, either?

Anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions? I plan to ask my sleep doc about it at my next appointment.

I have been using the Quatro FX Mask with a little bit different configuration. I too have the gutter or rut across the top of my head and also one that goes behind it. I figure that it is just part of the territory of being a PAP user. It doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t show, and so I have just become accustomed to it. I have been using the PAP for six years now and it’s made such a huge difference in the quality of my health that I feel it is a very small trade-off.