Denied dental surgery because of blood pressure

Hello to Everyone:
I wanted to post a topic that I need some help with.

I was recently turned away from having dental surgery. It was at a university hospital/dental school. Upon arrival for the procedure. The nurse took my bp…it was high… but it’s always high even with medication that I take regularly. When I got into the dentist chair the dentist came in and as he was looking through paperwork and getting ready to perform the procedure he happened to ask me about my bp again and insisted upon taking it again, the bottom number was higher than the top number in the first reading and the top was lower. He then told me that there would be no surgery today because of my bp being all around too high. He then confirmed it with his supervisor and still no surgery.

Now let me take you back a bit so that it all comes together to make some sort of sense.

I have sleep apnea. I was diagnosed ten yrs ago with extremely severe sleep apnea. Since then off and on the cpap. Not using it now or plan to again. Way too many issues to speak of.

Been hospitalized twice–six months apart for high bp.

When I went to the dentist for this appointment with my wisdom teeth I was told that I would likely have oral surgery and I was fine with that. I’ve had some bad dental experiences in my life and a very low tolerance for dental pain. on top of being a big chicken. But when I went for this dental consultation the other day they told me that since I have sleep apnea that there’s no way that they would be able to put me out for that kind of surgery. So, I still have wisdom teeth that need to come out and with my bp and sleep apnea looks like I’ll be an old idiot because they won’t be coming out any time soon.

Does anyone have any advice on this kind of thing? Have you been turned down for surgery? Any information you can share would be great.

Hi there, @barron65 . It sounds like you are having a very frustrating situation, Mike. May I ask, please, what state are you in? If you prefer communicating that information with me privately, you can email me at

Hang in there- We will support you every way possible!


@barron65 If you have sleep apnea, it can make surgical procedures dangerous because of the anesthesia involved. Many people these days are going in for a sleep test to rule of sleep apnea before they go in for a major surgical procedure for this reason. You may want to approach your primary care physician or sleep specialist about your concerns to see what your full range of options are. @MotherT can also give you great advice offline. Good luck! I sympathize with your frustrations!

Hello and Thank You Both for Your Replies:

So, I called my primary doctor on Friday to see if he received the letter from the dentist’s office about what had happened on Thursday and at the time of the call they had nothing. So the day went by and I didn’t hear anything from my primary care doctor. The thing is—the dentist’s office made it sound pretty serious about my bp and that I should follow up asap. I’m going to try again tomorrow morning to see what’s going on.

I’m not worried about it because I don’t think it’s a big deal. I’ve had high blood pressure for many years and even with the medications that I take it is still high. I get it, but I’m tired of trying to get it to the level to it pleases everyone. I feel fine and my goal in all of this is to just get this dental thing taken care of so that I can be done with it.

As far as the sleep apnea goes, well that too is a long and complicated road. Through the years I’ve been able to use the cpap for a time… usually its a very short time and then I feel like I’m done with it. I hate the thought of it being a lifetime commitment, and for me I was told that even if I take a nap that I should be wearing the cpap mask. What makes all of this worse is that I just did a home sleep study and I have it worse now then I did ten years ago…nice huh?..

At this point in time I’m not using the cpap, but I did get a letter from the sleep doctor telling me that I need to be using it and all the words that she wrote were underlined twice with a red pen. So, I guess that means that it’s pretty serious… lol… just trying to lighten the levity here a bit.
It’s just not going to happen. I’m not committed to using it. I’m not even interested in hearing about it. I just need to get past this dental thing and go from there.

One last thing that I should mention is that I have to take new meds that were prescribed by a hypertensive specialist doctor. i went a few weeks ago and I didn’t know that I was supposed to be taking new meds. I called the pharmacy the other day and I checked to see if the meds were still available and they had to be refilled as they were put back on the shelf. I just can’t be bothered by all of this, it’s a huge pain and inconvenience on so many levels.

I just wanted to post a reply and again I thank the two very kind ladies that took the time to post to my initial post. I don’t mean to sound negative about this but I’m just done. I just want to get this dental thing done and be done with it.

Thanks again.

Hi Teresa:
Thank you for your reply. I posted a general reply on the page that will answer all of your questions. I am in NY.

Yes, frustration runs right through this entire thing. I just want to get the dental thing done so I can be done with it. With having sleep apnea–it has caused me a lot of aggravation for a long time now. I had my tonsils out 4 years ago and I thought that would fix the problem. Not so. If anything I have it worse than I did.

I can honestly say with every fiber of my being that I truly regret letting myself be tested for sleep apnea, ten years ago and even more so now. Truth.

Thanks again for your kind support.

Hi Tamara:
Thank you for your kind reply .I told the dentist at the time of my appointment that I was fine with being put out and actually I wanted to be put out for the procedure. It was frustrating because I had to jump through rings of fire to get the appointment, it’s an hour away from where I live and they don’t even validate parking!

What I’m hoping is that I will talk to my primary care, he’ll tell the dentist that I kind of idle on high… regarding my bp and that it’s okay for him to do the surgery and put me out, do the surgery and be done with it!

Thank you again for your kind reply.

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My pleasure @barron65 (Mike) – the healthcare system is a frustrating place and you are so not alone in your obstacles! I wish you luck regarding the pressing concern about the dental work. Also, I would recommend you consider an alternative to CPAP: oral appliance. I’ve used one for a few years and it’s helped me, but without knowing the details of your sleep apnea, I don’t know whether it could be an option for you. Certainly it is easier to use than a CPAP, more portable, etc.

But first things first… let’s hope you get your dental appointment (I think a call to your PCP and some improved communication between your triangle—you, your PCP, and your dentist—may help move you to some sort of resolution).

Then I would press for some other options to CPAP because, as much as you do not like using it (and many people struggle with it), you still need to find a solution for treating your OSA so that you don’t develop chronic illness (and treated OSA can be a godsend for people with uncontrolled hypertension).

Good luck, you have a full plate but we’re hear to listen and help however we can!


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