Death By Sleep Apnea

Sleep Apnea is now listed as a cause of death on death certificates.
While it is stated, all over the internet, on websites everywhere, that sleep apnea can be life threatening, many people are still not aware that sleep apnea can and does kill.

If someone you know has died as a result of sleep apnea, I hope you will share your story here. It’s one thing to read statistics, quite another to hear from those of you who have lost loved ones to sleep apnea.

Thank you for sharing and helping get the word out!

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I was searching for a title to my book about sleep apnea several years ago. I consulted a well known author in my town. We met in a park to to talk titles. Once I got into the content of my book about overcoming sleep apnea, she stood up and said “my husband died from it!” Then went on to say everyone in the family knew his heart attack in the middle of the night was from untreated sleep apnea. They knew, since he refused to accept he had OSA, his days were numbered. They were.