Dealing with Further Depression and Anxiety Due to COVID

This year has been harder for people who were already dealing with health issues even before the lockdowns happened. This virus caused further depression and anxiety which are hard to pull oneself out of. Did you guys had issues with depression and anxiety? How did you cope?

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I’m suffering from fear and anxiety as well. EX: What happens if we lose power or my cpap doesn’t function.
I am so in search of a local sleep apnea support group that is local here in NJ. Can’t seem to find one. Suggestions?

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I’m sorry to hear about what you’re dealing with. It’s really scary, but embracing the anxiety worsens our situation. There’s no group that I know of but I’ll have a look and see what I can find for you. Wishing you well!

Thank You so much Maria!

Hey Dan! Would you be close to Voorhees? I found South Jersey A.W.A.K.E. Support Group. You might want to check them out.

And also I want to share with you an article I read about anxiety and COVID-19 Have a look when you get the chance. Keep safe!

sorry about your situation Dan.i really pray you get over son had a similar problem but was remedied through

No worries Dan. I hope you feel better! Happy holidays.

Thanks for sharing. I like the part where it says help others if you can. There are generous people, but there are also those who are too focused on themselves.

Let’s thank Him for the good people. Humanity is not defined by those who have lost their faith in goodness. Let’s all gave a meaningful new year!

Hopefully, 2021 is a better year, better humans. We need to be, as I think this pandemic is meant to tell us something.