Daytime Oxygen Level

Quick question… Does anyone know that if you have sleep apnea, is it possible that your DAYTIME oxygen levels be low as well? DH has been running an average oxygen percentage of 92-93% during the day. The dr has already dxd him with a hiatial hernia with post nasal drip and acid reflux (which is now being treated - starting tomorrow :slight_smile: ).

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Nighttime sleep apnea does not directly affect daytime blood oxygen level. If daytime oxygen level is low, there are likely other things going on that should be discussed with one’s care provider. That said, undiagnosed sleep apnea over time can contribute to various comorbidities that might affect daytime functioning.

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I also suffer from lower day O2 sats, But a few deep breaths and I can raise it up to high 90’s. I am reasonable sure this does not affect my day time functioning, it’s worth having your Dr. aware of it, which he is and go from there.

When I was first diagnosed with sleep apnea 2 years ago I also had low daytime O2 levels 85-90. For the 1st year I was on CPAP and O2 at night and O2 as needed during the day. 13 months lately my Dr. ordered a new sleep study using both CPAP and BiPAP, with and without O2. After everything was said and done the Dr. ordered BiPAP 16 on 14 off with no O2. 2 months later I did not need to O2 daytime. Been that way ever since.