Dating with sleep apnea

Hi everyone,

My name is Carol and I work with a DME company. I’m not here to promote our products or site – instead, we’re doing a project that aims to shine a humorous light on some of the struggles of people who use CPAP.

One of my colleagues is in her 40s and she uses a CPAP machine. She’s also divorced, and the device has been an interesting challenge (to say the least) for her when it comes to dating. She likes to share some of the funny stories that she has about trying to explain her device to guys she dates, and we thought that this would be a really fun way to try to dispel some of the embarrassment that some people who use CPAP feel.

Basically, I just want to hear your stories, especially if they’re funny or unexpected. We’ll take a few of the stories that we get and turn them into a blog post or other article that we can share online. If you’d like your name included, we’re happy to, but you are more than welcome to be completely anonymous.

You reply to this thread to share your experiences or, if you aren’t comfortable telling your story here, you can DM or email me.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t have to worry about dating, but I do have a little bit of a funny story about CPAP. I was recovering from back surgery and still getting used to my CPAP mask and machine. My husband had tucked me into bed, but the mask kept leaking and I couldn’t get to sleep. He also uses CPAP, so he unhooked from his hose and got me up to help me with my problem. We stood there in our bedroom with our masks on, facing each other so he could help me adjust my mask.

I had a sudden vision of how we must look, standing there like a couple of aliens to anyone who could have seen us. Well, we got back into bed but I had a hard time sleeping because of all the silent snickering I was doing with that vision in my mind. I wanted to bust out laughing, but had to quell it because I didn’t want to disturb my dear husband again.

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